We are CF Entertainment. We deal with any and all matters regarding our beloved character Crazy Frog. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any inquiries or fresh ideas. We're always eager for new fun and adventure!





6,5 billion views and counting on YouTube. 12,5 million subscribers to the official channel. 2 million daily views. Be sure to check out the latest music video "Tricky". 


Worldwide merchandise program open for licensing. Contact us for requests on possible collaborations and fresh ideas. 


Crazy Frog's latest single "Tricky" was released in December 2021. A second single will be released Q2 2022 and be followed up be a full new Crazy Frog album. 


Concepts and scripts in the making, discussions with partners initiated. Stand by for exciting news. 


Official Metaverse and NFT products will be done exclusively in partnership with voovoo.io and metabeats.io. NFT's released Q2 2022. Crazy Frog Metaverse, P2E games and in game performances to come.


Fan communication in all media. Crazy Frog on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat and more. Check out our new filters, give us a shout out on your platform of choice.

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CF Entertainment is the IP company behind the Crazy Frog. We are the same people who have created all Crazy Frog animation since the Axel F video and we have a deep understanding and a heartfelt connection to our little guy. We own the copyright of the character and develop the creative output and the business strategies around the IP.

Crazy Frog is the global entertainment phenomena that went viral before social media and smartphones and even existed. In 2005 the Crazy Frog music rose to #1 on hit lists all over the world backed by a number of high-end animated music videos, amongst them the mega hit Axel F that charted no 1 in 25 countries. After several smash hit singles and albums, the Crazy Frog took a long break but the last years has seen an incredible rise in popularity. The Crazy Frog YouTube channel now has over 7 billion views and the Axel F video is one of the most watched YouTube videos of all time.

Late 2021 was the time of the Crazy Frog comeback. In December the release of the brand-new single “Tricky” created a big media and fan buzz and 2022 will see more releases in all different formats. Crazy Frog was never gone, he just needed a hiatus. Now he’s back for good and it looks better than ever…


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